Becoming a Floral Designer

When you have a knack for arranging flowers and blooms, being a florist is defiantly a calling.  You will find yourself developing an appreciation for flowers. Creating floral design is definitely fun and exciting.

It is very common to find florists who have started their career later in life after venturing into other design related activities. Florists work miracles to bring smiles and the emotional well being of their customers. The floral design path is a no brainer when you have talent in that area.

Before venturing into this kind of business, there are several things you should consider. Just like any other form of design, floral design is art. Therefore, you are expected to be talented as well as artistic.  It is more than just arranging the flowers.

You have to:

Learn floral design skills and polish them

You will find studying the art f flora design to be quite beneficial. You can do it in a class like setting or opt to learn from a known mentor. There are endless facets to arranging flowers; you cannot be an expert within a day. You must also learn the basic principles of arranging all kinds of flowers and prepping them.

Your floral arrangements are only as great as your care when arranging and prepping them.  One big issue about flowers is that they are perishable and you should be able to make a good prepping that will ensure they last you longer. To learn more about being florists, you should take an online floral class, volunteer in a local flower shop, or work with a mentor and someone you know.  You can also learn how to work with wires and make ribbons, and get more comfortable with sharp tools.

Do plenty of research on a florist’s work

The work of florists is hard. Aside from arranging and prepping flowers, you will need to spend hours on your feet, lift heavy crates and work during some holidays. Some of the other skills required to be a perfect florists include good communication with customers, time management, flexibility with the work schedule, and great customer service.

Explore a floral style

Just like any other form of art, you have to develop a certain signature style when you are a florist. Although there are very basic principles when it comes to arranging flowers, experts and artistic florists create their own flare. This distinguishes and separates them and their arrangements from the basic florist. You need to think about a unique style that will attract more customers to your art.

Focus on paying attention to detail, perfecting your arrangement skills, keeping time, being creative, knowing and appreciating different flowers and greens, knowing how to use and keep different flowers. Remember, you are the artists and the flowers are your canvas.

Finally, set your goals

Everybody wants to make it in life, especially when you are working in your dream job. Once you get a job as a florist, you should do the best you can by setting higher goals. Opening a flower shop is not enough, you need to work on holidays and special events while using social media platform to market yourself and grow.